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I'll give you a little background on me. :) My husband Steve and I have been married for 26 years, and we have two girls, ages 24 and 18. They are extraordinary young women and we are so proud of them. I stayed home with them for a number of years. Currently I work as a substitute teacher at the Waldorf School where they both went to K-8.They are both singers. I love to sing too!


My own spiritual focus has been a meditative path, and I share that with Steve. It has been great to share our core focus in life together. The main teaching is that the source of our joy and connection is inside. 


Inclusiveness is really important to me. I like to be treated with respect, and I therefore treat others with that same respect. People's spirituality, religion, or non-religiousness is such a personal thing. I honor each person and what is meaningful to them. Over the years, I have done a lot of volunteer work at the meditation center, and one of my favorite things to do is to host the programs: to welcome everyone with a warm and authentic heart, and express everything with clarity and a pleasant and projecting speaking voice. People say I'm good at it, and they feel welcomed and inspired when I MC. It feels good to hear that. I'm also comfortable being spontaneous in public speaking if the occasion calls for it.


How did I get into officiating weddings? Two summers ago, I was visiting my brother and his wife Karen in Colorado. My brother Chris has been officiating non-denominational weddings, baptisms, and funerals for 30 years (in fact he came to Atlanta and married Steve and me in 1990). His wife Karen, whom I love dearly, had been performing weddings sporadically for a long time, but that spring had recently started doing a lot more. Chris said, "Karen is so great at doing weddings! When I go watch her sometimes, I have tears come to my eyes." When he told me that, I had a big flash of insight: I would love to do that! And I think I would be a natural at it! So Chris and Karen started training me (over the phone), with all their 30 years of experience. I saw them again at our family reunion at Thanksgiving, and they gave me face-to-face training.  In fact, the day after Thanksgiving, I did a practice wedding on Chris and Karen. Our dad, who thought it rather odd that I would be doing this, was nevertheless a great sport, and walked Karen up the "aisle" in the living room, while the kids watched. I guided Chris and Karen through the ceremony, vows and rings, etc. They had tears come to THEIR eyes. That felt good!


Over Christmas/New Years of 2014-2015, I performed my first 4 weddings in one week! It was so great! So I'm on a roll. There's a little background on me. I hope I can be called on to help make your day stress-free and joyful.



Carol Lane


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