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Wedding Ceremony Procession

In The traditional ceremony begins with the groom's mother followed by the bride's mother, being seated in the front row aisle seats (by an usher, a groomsman, or sometimes even the groom).

Then the minister and the groom walk out together.

The best man and groomsmen may follow, or they may escort the bridesmaids down the aisle. If there is a ringbearer, he/she follows the other attendants. The flower girl, if there is one, usually enters right before the bride. The same bridal march can be used for the attendants and the bride, however with several bridesmaids, you may want an introductory piece, followed by the wedding march for the bride only. The mothers take the lead in standing up when the bride enters. If the bride's father (or escort) is walking her down the aisle, he walks on the bride's right. He may escort her down the aisle and then sit down, or the officiant may ask,


``Who gives this bride in marriage to this man?'' or ``Who blesses this marriage?''

The father replies ``I do,'' ``Her family and I do," or ``Her mother and I do.''

The officiant then says, ``Thank you.'' The father may kiss the bride on the cheek, and perhaps offer her right hand to the groom's left hand as they walk the last step to the front together. The father or escort then sits down in the front row.


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